What is a Mortgage Broker?

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is either the company or person who is able to help you get a home loan. UNO Home Loans is a mortgage broker and the individuals who operate under UNO (UNO Brokers) are also known as a mortgage broker A Mortgage Broker has a mimimum level of certification to be able to operate as a Broker and must be associated with (or have themselves) an Australian Credit License. In the case of a UNO Mortgage Broker they have completed a Cert IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking and hold a range of other qualifications and insurances as well as accreditations with a range of lenders which enable them to work with those lenders. Importantly a Mortgage Broker is not actually the lender making the lending decision (approval) for your home loan. Their job is to help you navigate across a range of lenders to get you the best outcome for your situation which may be related to price, speed, features or decision or a combination of these.

Why is a Mortgage Broker important

There is literally hundreds of lenders in Australia with thousands of possible variations in what they offer including

  • Price (interest rates and fees)
  • Borrowing power (how much they will lend you)
  • Policy (whether you will be approved)
  • LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance, specfically whether you have to pay it and how much)
  • Service Levels (how quickly they can get your application approved) The information for each lender is detailed, complex and nuanced and changes all the time. It would be impossible as a customer to work out all of this yourself and you are likely to incur some form of cost in terms of your time or actual money by going directly. Some examples of things our brokers can help you navigate include
  • Which lenders might waive LMI which could save you thousands upfront
  • Which lenders have rebates which could be worth thousads upfront
  • Which lenders maximise borrowing power which could help you win your dream home
  • Which lenders will help someone who recently changed jobs and countless other examples UNO, as Australia's #1 Online Mortgage Broker is best placed to help people who want the combination of a fast, easy & secure process powered by our award winning technology with the expertise and support of their own dedicated UNO Broker

Learn more about how a UNO Broker can help you

If you want to better understand the services a UNO broker can provide or anything home loan related then the UNO Customer Care team can help, book in a time to chat using the link below https://calendly.com/uno-customer-care/uno-quick-callIf you'd like to book in to talk to a UNO Broker directly the please see all our Brokers at https://unohomeloans.com.au/uno-mortgage-broker/ and book in with the broker you'd like to work with

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