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Here's how UNO helps people in the media

Writing about specific home loan topics

UNO maintains some of the richest set of data across 90% of Australian lenders. Our platform maintains home loan pricing data, policy data, borrowing power calculations, policy information, stamp duty calculations and more.This uniquely positions UNO to help journalists who are looking to write detailed topics about latest changes, industry trends or really any aspect of home loans.Our team can work with you to dive into the specific topic and help uncover the reality of what is happening so your story can be based on hard data.Our brokers work with hundreds of customers meaning we can often help your story by matching a customer scenario (with their permission obviously) to put a human in the picture, as well as the underlying data.If you have a topic you'd like to write about please contact

Looking for commentary

If you are looking to get a reliable, responsive and informed opinion from an industry leader for any home loans related topic then our founder Vincent Turner is available.We understand the dynamics of journalism with respect to tight timelines and likely evolution of your story or piece.Vincent is comfortable on the phone, recorded interview, on film or in person as required.If you are looking for commentary please contact and you should expect to hear from us same day.

Featuring UNO Home Loans

UNO Home Loans is one of the most innovative companies in the Australian mortgage market. We pioneered online mortgage broking, won the first Good Design award for mortgage technology award with our loanScore tool and have been involved in numerous other industry firsts.If you are interested in featuring either UNO Home Loans or Vincent Turner please contact

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