About UNO

About UNO

UNO Home Loans is Australia’s Online Mortgage Broker.

Founded in 2016 by Vincent Turner, a repeat entrepreneur in the financial services space who designed & built software in his 20s that was used by over 90% of Australian banks. In 2010 he moved to San Francisco and founded his next venture Planwise, which is the underlying technology that powers UNO.

We have brokers all across Australia who are able to help Australians buy their first home, buy their next home, buy an investment property or refinance their home loan.

Our Online Mortgage Brokers are supported by our customer care team who make the home loan application process fast and easier. Our loanScore technology is the only mortgage technology to have ever received a Good Design Award

However, despite our strong technology and design culture it is our commitment to delivering Unparalleled Service that sets us apart.

We welcome the opportunity to build a long term relationship with you. Start your journey by finding a broker from our team here or book in a call with our customer care team using the Get Started button on this page.

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