Mortgage calculators

UNO's mortgage calculators help you understand key information about your home loan. Whether you’re working out how much you can borrow, how much stamp duty you’ll need to pay or how much you can save by refinancing, our home loan calculators are here to help you get ahead in the search for the right loan.
Borrowing Power Calculator

Find out how much can you borrow?

Use this one simple calculator to customise your entire home loan experience and get answers to all your home loan questions with our definitive guide.Calculate

Refinance calculator

How much can you save by refinancing?

Use this one simple calculator to work out how much money you can save by refinancing your home loan.Calculate

Stamp duty calculator

How much stamp duty will I have to pay?

Use our calculator to work out how much stamp duty you'll pay based on where you buy, your home's value and whether you're a first home buyer.Calculate

Property investors calculator

How much more is my interest-only home loan costing me?

Calculate the benefit of a principal and interest loan over an interest-only loan for your investment property home loan with this free online calculator

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